Saturday, August 21, 2010

Budget Questions!!!!

Ok. I know it's kind late, but today I've been having many budget question about my trip. One question that has been driving me insane is that if I'll be able to survive in Europe with the money I am taking. It's impossible not to make that question. Not that I hadn't made a initial budget, but with my trip getting closer it's scarier.

One of the reasons is "ECONOMY" God I HATE the Stock Market whatever that supose to be. As it gets closer to my trip it looks that the euro is getting it's currency higher and higher. Last time I exchange euros (and that was in March) I paid R$2.2, today I can find only for R$2.5 and I'm not even saying about Pounds because it's worse. That exchange rates can kill any intial or last budgets.

The thing is, it's normal to be scare, in the end you'll want to have the best time. But money is aways the hard part of travelling. I decided to put 95% of my money on a debit card that's called Visa Travel Money, I used before and as I found out to be was the best option for long trips. I really recomend for those who are going as well. I will stop now with the math and just relax... after all it's only 7 days to go.

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